The Bridging Pastor also known as an intentional interim pastor, assists the church during the interim period as the church search for a new Senior Pastor. The Bridging Pastor will assist the church to pick up the pieces and bridge any gaps that need attention. During the interim period, the Bridging Pastor will be intentional about helping the church become spiritually healthy in preparation to receive their new Pastor. The bridging pastor will assist the church with the following.

  • Mentor and coach the church, assist the search team and or deacons, on a monthly basis, or as otherwise needed.
  • Serve as a consultant with the search team, on a monthly basis or as needed, to assist in the process, protocol, and resources needed to successfully secure a new Senior Pastor.
  • Assist in the development of the congregation’s trust and confidence in the church strategic leadership team during the interim period.
  • Assist in refining the church’s vision, organization, and purpose.
  • Give direction, guidance, and leadership to, meetings, ministry, and programs.

If your church is without a Pastor give us a call and allow us to assist you in finding your new Senior Pastor for your church. 984-377-2229