Fresh Start

Fresh Start is our revitalization package, which is specifically designed to define your organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide leadership assessments to assist in determining the strengths, gifts, and talents of those serving in leadership positions. Such as the DISC Assessment. Click learn more to find out about DISC. The  Revitalization package also, helps you to focus on the future and provides a purpose-driven model that will result in authentic growth and effective leadership within your organization.

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180 Degrees

One Hundred Eighty Degrees is a strategic planning package, that will assist your organization with re-visioning, understanding purpose, and developing key strategies, goals and action plans.  Through this process, three keystone questions will be answered: Who are we? Where are we going? How will we get there? This process helps to move your organization to the next level for long term survival and great success.  

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High Performance Teams

The High-Performance training is designed to train and develop leaders who lead by example with positive influence and tenacity.  When leaders are trained properly, they understand the importance of leading with excellence, which embodies three essential elements for the power to produce: Care, Compassion, and Concern. A leader is one who sets the pace for others to follow. If your leaders are not exhibiting the character traits of a pacesetter, allow RichLine to assist your organization through high-performance training to develop your leaders.

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